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With over 20 years experience in the nightlub business, Danceteria partners offer comprehensive services in design, management and promotion of nightclubs and restaurants. Danceteria franchises are available to qualified groups who want to open a fabulous new space, or transform their underperforming venues into a Danceteria, the fabulous " supermarket of style" .

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Danceteria, the legendary New York City nighclub, is an original valhalla of remixed pop culture. Since the eighties and for over twenty years, Danceteria's Danceteriaad1 multi-storied environment, unique cutup graphics, wide-ranging bookings, seminal dancefloor, mashed-up events, and kaleidoscopically original crowd took post-modern over the top into a truly mind-altering, life-changing religion of remix.

Just in case you hadn't noticed, remix culture is now everywhere, from mashups superimposing one piece of music onto another, to music videos slammed into game graphics, to fashion, film, and graphic design that cuts and pastes images and forms from any culture or any period in an ever-changing stream of audiovisual exuberance. In fact, Remix Culture perfectly describes the experience of the original Danceteria, which in its multi-storied, multi-environment building on 21st Street in Manhattan presented wild and inexplicable combinations of disparate art, music, fashion, video, dance, parties and people, a self-defined “supermarket of style” that mesmerized guests while simultaneously attracting those who would define popular culture for decades to come.

And through it all, the point is always “fun.” Serious fun.